Game design & 3D modeling

thijs last game design & 3d modeling

After my game design studies at Mediacollege Amsterdam I co-founded a game design company where we developed concepts for mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

This included:

  • Working with my first customer
  • Experience in running a small scale operation
  • Experience in running a company

Cruden – Modelling Monaco environment for race simulators

As an Intern Environment Designer at Cruden I designed 3D environment props and the level designs for race tracks simulated within a vehicle control systems.

  • Recreated buildings and props for the Monaco race track with 3D Studio Max
  • Learned to be efficient with computer resources while keeping it’s limits in mind
  • Unified style in UI, manuals and marketing materials
Disclaimer: This is the updated 2019 version.

Tropenmuseum – Resource allocation game & 3D assets

At Mediacollege Amsterdam I modeled 3D assets for a game project for the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. The 3D assets were part of a resource allocation game. Where 4 players had to allocate limited medical resources and make moral decisions in a 3rd world country.

MediaLAB – Public space interactive game

As an Intern Game Designer at MediaLAB Amterdam, I designed the gameplay, user interaction and graphical content of an interactive game. The participants had to walk into a photo booth where they pressed a big button to digitize their face. Outside the booth they could use a huge joystick to control their own very familiar face in an exciting game of PAC-MAN. This game was projected onto the wall of a library in a public space in Munster, Germany.

  • Crowd-based user interaction
  • Full and fool proof design
  • Highly complicated projection with multiple projectors and low light scenarios

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