IT & virtualization

thijs last server & virtualization

Information technology has been a major driver in my life: You could find me in front of a computer since I was a toddler, creating custom user interfaces for Xbox when I was a teenager, and now you can find me virtualizing dozens of servers overseas.

My experience includes:

  • Automation
  • CMR & ERP
  • Windows Server
  • Exchange & spam
  • VPN & Firewall
  • VMware ESXI
  • Back-ups & storage
  • Cloud VOIP

Thijs Last digital designer UX & UI projects AIM user interface server

Back in the day, I was employed by a computer hardware store where I was in charge of selling laptops, PCs, software and parts. There, I designed and built systems, but most importantly, I learned to listen and cater clients’ needs by providing them suitable products within a given budget.

At my current job, I maintain all assets of IT, website and automation, as well as the digital marketing.

Most recently, I worked on a year-long software project for the Shell refinery in Qatar. I traveled onsite several times to carry out the virtualization of 18 servers across 3 networks and collaborated with an international panel of professionals (field, network and security engineers, product managers and developers).

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