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thijs last ux & ui projects

I have been using digital media and data analyzing tools for the greater part of my life now and I can easily see where improvement can be made. For I am a user and I experience software products. I design web-based UI’s for touch screen devices, tailoring its features to meet my colleagues and customers’ needs.

This includes:

  • Designing UI for software products
  • Closely collaborating with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Creating wire-frames and mock-ups
  • Analyzing user behavior flows
  • Consultancy experience
  • Delivering designs to application programmers
  • Working within a budget

AIM – Industrial software for process operators and managing large scale operations

AIM is a software package and provides operators, reliability engineers and management with detailed information and analyses on their analyzer systems so they can monitor and improve process control.

  • Designed for managing large amounts of (big) data, machinery and locations
  • Tailored with customers feedback and wishes
  • Clear status of operation in a blink of an eye
  • Designed for industrial process operators
  • Created in HTML5 for cross platform support

LNG Sampler – Software for safely operating ship to ship LNG transfers

For applications as described like the Challenger FSRU, the ASaP LNG Sampler System is used for custody transfer of LNG

  • Created for low resolution touch screen devices with limited resources
  • Designed for industrial process operators
  • Clear status of operation in a blink of an eye

MediaLAB – Public space interactive game

As an Intern Game Designer at MediaLAB Amterdam, I designed the gameplay, user interaction and graphical content of an interactive game. The participants had to walk into a photo booth where they pressed a big button to digitize their face. Outside the booth they could use a huge joystick to control their own very familiar face in an exciting game of PAC-MAN. This game was projected onto the wall of a library in a public space in Munster, Germany.

  • Crowd-based user interaction
  • Full and fool proof design
  • Highly complicated projection with multiple projectors and low light scenarios

ASaP mobile application – Quick support when you are out in the field

Thijs Last mobile apps ASaP app pocke assistant smartphone

I designed a mobile application to deliver quick and easy support for technicians in need of help. Through this app the company could provide customers with a better overall experience and service.

This pocket assistant will help you find the right information and contact persons for your applications and devices. The go-to app for quick customer service when your analyzer is in trouble. The ASaP App automatically notifies you with the latest news about software updates and provides guided tours of through our products.

ASaP App key features

  • Pocket assistant for your applications and devices
  • Go to app for quick support
  • Automatically notifies you with the latest news and software updates
  • Guided tours of our products
  • Intuitive and easy navigation
  • For smartphone and tablet
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